Spring Rain

It’s been one of those weeks. When each day is merely the rope pulling the weekend closer to you and it can’t be here quick enough.

But now the smell of spring rain fills the air and it’s been so long. It feels like what I’ve been waiting for. Permission to rest, perhaps. A reminder to breathe. The unspoken freedom in spending tomorrow indoors – except to save the laundry which I so lovingly hung out in the rain.

I watered my indoor plants today, and they’re lush and green and thriving. They’re all sitting in the bathtub together and they remind me that growth takes time, and love as well.

It’s been one of those weeks. When I am constantly reminded God is in control and I am not. When I am constantly reminded that God’s love is always in reach.

It isn’t raining anymore but the clouds linger and the puddles remain. I love when life looks like this. Not the week-that-just-drags-on, but the stillness that comes after a downpour. The gentleness of the earth amidst the hectic.

It’s spring, and I am ready.

Sarah xx

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