The No Spend Year

I’m not going to lie; I’ve spent a lot of money on online shopping lately. Nothing over-the-top individually, but together it adds up. CD’s, clothing, books.

After some reflection, I’ve decided to try and not spend money for a year.

This isn’t a new concept and can be related to finance or minimalism or sustainability. You could say I’m doing this for all of the above, but it’s mostly to focus my finances on God and learn how to be a good steward with what I have.

I’ve never thought too much about money before. I’ve had a Compassion child for a few years now which I consider my tithe, as I don’t have a church I consider ‘mine’, and since moving out I have the usual payments (rent, water, electricity, car, phone, groceries). But I want to be more intentional with how I spend and save, particularly in how God wants me to do these things.

My no spend year will not include gifts, groceries and other necessities, such as cleaning products, books for uni, or anything medical. I also see no problem in going out for dinner or coffee, though not excessively. (With the state of the world, I’m trying to avoid going out anyway.)

There are other things I need to consider; will I pay to get my hair cut? Probably a trim at some point, but nothing fancy. Will I spend petrol on a long drive? If I’m visiting my family, then yes. My aim in this challenge is focused on material items because that’s where I tend to overspend. ‘Experiences’ aren’t something I overindulge in.

While I do want to stick this out, I’m also not going to box myself in and be overly strict. In saying this, I don’t want one exception to lead to another to lead to another. It’s also possible I’ll stop after three months or six months.

I’m just going to start and see what happens. I’ll be praying about it along the way, so ultimately it’s what I feel God wants me to do and for how long.

Sarah xx

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