Not a Bad Change

You may have noticed some changes on my blog. For starters, the name.

I first started this blog in 2017, hence the name Be-My-2017. I thought it was a one year project that wouldn’t survive the year. I didn’t know that it would become something I still love doing and still want to continue. For a while I didn’t mind having 2017 in the name of this blog, but since then it’s evolved into something much, much more. I don’t want to be boxed into that year, or that project, or that style of writing.

Sure, I love my old posts and I needed to start there in order to grow my writing to where it is today. But I wanted a new name to match what this blog is, because it’s more than a project I undertook in 2017. It’s a space where I can write freely and grow as a writer as well as a person.

The Softest Words represents who I see myself becoming and the type of things I like to write. The simple, the delicate, the everyday. Things that don’t need to raise their voice. Things that I see regardless of how quiet they seem to the world.

Another point of discussion: I’ve deleted many, many posts. Though perhaps not for the reasons you think.

I haven’t deleted ‘embarrassing’ ‘old’ cringey’ posts (well, maybe one or two). I’ve deleted poems because I want to publish them in a collection of poetry. As in, a book. As in, hopefully one day become a published author. I feel sad taking my best work off this blog, but I want my best work in a real book I can read, and you can read too.

I’m sad that in deleting these poems, you can no longer read that part of me. Many of my poems were personal in a way I wouldn’t blog about. The answer to this is to publish a book as quickly as possible so you can still read them.

In the past few weeks especially I have written emotional poems. I’ve loved sharing these with you and revealing more of what I’m going through and the processing of this. Again, these poems are some of my favourites which means they deserve a page in a printed book. But thank you for reading them while they were on my blog; I appreciate it more than words can say.

I still want to share creative writing on this blog, but it may be a bit different to how I used to. I’m still not sure what this will look like, so we can figure it out together.

But I’m still here. And I hope you are too.

Sarah xx

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