May 2020 Reading

There’s not too much happening this month! According to my Goodreads statistics, on my goal to reading 100 books this year I am 9 books behind schedule. Yes, this does stress me out a little, but then I remember to chill out because literally no one cares if I read 100 books. If I don’t make it, so be it.

This month I finished reading two books.

The first being Stardust (Neil Gaiman), which I gave 3 of 5 stars. As I was reading this book, I couldn’t figure out what age group it was meant for. It was beautifully told, but sometimes felt too simple yet other times too much. I did enjoy the story and loved the odd little world-building facts Gaiman included. I didn’t love the characters, but I loved them in the movie, so I think that helped me get through it. This was a colourful story, but still a bit bland to me; perhaps if I had read it as a teenager I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Still, 3 of 5 stars is good.

The second was Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger), which – I think I say this a lot – wasn’t what I was expecting. A story that takes place over three days after Holden is expelled from school, it went places I wasn’t prepared for. And maybe this is a reflection of myself rather than the book, but I was kind of stressed at how much Holden was just wandering through the city by himself, drinking and talking to strangers. This book is a product of its time, yes, but I still kept thinking something bad was going to happen. And in a way it did, but every event that happens to Holden is downplayed, or is told in such a way that the reader accepts it, even if it isn’t normal, or okay. I didn’t love Holden but thought some of his insights were sad or funny or brilliant. Not too many, though. Most of the time I was just trying to get to the next page. Overall I gave it a 4 of 5 stars, but I’m not confident about it.

These are the two books I completed this month, though I did start reading a few books, some for uni next trimester and some for leisure. I’m on holidays next month, so I assume I’ll read more than two. (Who knows at this point, though. Anything could happen.)

Sarah xx

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