Dreaming of Armchairs

I’m saving up for a really nice armchair.

Well, I could afford one now, I’m sure, but I don’t want it to feel like any other purchase; I want to wait a little bit before I buy. Also, I’m not sure whether I’d keep it in my room or in the lounge room. I like the thought of having one in my room, either by the bookcase or the window, which are on opposite sides of the room.

Bookcase, because this would be my reading and, sometimes, writing chair.  Somewhere to curl up with a nice rug (that would be hung on the back) and cup of tea and lose myself in beautiful words.

By the window because what’s nicer than looking out at the world in a comfy chair? To see the blue sky, the cloudy sky, the rainy sky, the night sky, to see the grass and the trees and the birds. Also with a book and cup of tea. But a chair by the window would feel less like a reading chair and more like a sit-and-ponder chair. Which also sounds like a nice idea, now I think about it.

Most of the time, I either sit at my desk or lie on my bed. Desk for study, bed for reading. Sometimes the loungeroom, but I like the lighting in my bedroom when I have the blinds all the way open and a breeze coming in. Also, my books are in my room and I really like being surrounded by my books. And my flowers. I’ve got two sets of dried flowers, and sometimes I just look at them and I want to capture them with paint but so far I’ve been relatively unsuccessful. Maybe one day I’ll blog my progress with this.

I want an armchair to read and write in. Handwriting, I mean, not laptop. This armchair wouldn’t be tainted with technology.

I know what kind of armchair I want. One that’s velvet, but not the gross velvet that reminds you of dodgy motels and bed bugs. A light velvet, in a nice blue or pink or yellow. Maroon, maybe. (Reading this description, some of you are probably imagining the most hideous armchair. I assure you, that’s not what I’m wanting.) Perhaps it has a scalloped back, which would be cute. Hidden by the rug I’ll fold over the back. But maybe if it was scalloped I’d keep the rug elsewhere. I’d place a nice cushion on it, one that’s not so big it pushes you off the chair, but one that lets you sink in and relax.

So, one of these days I might buy myself an armchair. It was the first thing I knew I wanted when I moved out, the first thing I wanted that’s not a necessity. Just something I like. Who knows; I could buy one next week (though I doubt it) or next month or six months from now. Part of the fun is waiting, and researching, and dreaming.

Sarah xx

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