questions asked during my (almost) daily walks.

1 / How did that guy plait his beard so loosely?

2 / No, really, how is that holding together?

3 / Have I seen that couple before?

4 / Why is that man not wearing a shirt?

5 / Why do I want to use this play equipment now that I’m not allowed to?

6 / Will that kid fall off his scooter?

7 / Where are his parents?

8 / Are they standing 1.5 metres apart?

9 / Why is that police car parked there?

10 / Do I have a guilty face?

11 / Does the police officer think I have a guilty face?

12 / Should that guy really be using that water bubbler?

13 / Do I look like a fit person?

14 / Should I buy some active wear so I look like a fit person?

15 / How much does active wear cost?

16 / If I bought leggings would I actually wear them in public?

17 / Or would they become comfy sleeping clothes?

18 / Are those pretty flowers or weeds?

19 / Can weeds be pretty flowers?

20 / If I take a photo of these flowers and post it on Instagram will people judge me for taking a photo of weeds?

21 / This is the second time I’ve walked passed this person, am I meant to smile at them again?

22 / Was that more of a grimace than a smile?

23 / If I post these questions on my blog will it be considered boring or creative?

24 / Can something be creative and boring at the same time?

25 / Am I getting too much sun?

26 / Do I need to wear a hat?

27 / Do I look good in hats?

28 / Does it matter if I look bad in a hat?

29 / If I fainted right here would anyone help me or would I just lie in a crumpled pile for a little bit by myself?

30 / Have I been walking for twenty minutes or three hours?

31 / How many questions is too many questions?

Sarah xx

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