always learning, always laughing

One of my units for this trimester at uni is a communications course. We’re studying media and film techniques.

I didn’t think I would enjoy the course that much, but yesterday morning I accidentally watched ten minutes of a movie with mute on. Not on purpose. I was watching the movie, thinking about the actors’ positions on screen, the lighting, facial expressions, and was enjoying the impact of silence.

And then I paused the movie and realised the sound was turned off.

It’s ridiculous, I know, but it showed the power of different aspects of mise en scene. And then I felt kind of proud of myself for actually paying attention to what I’ve been learning at uni, because honestly, I went into this subject thinking it looked too difficult and I was considering unenrolling from the unit. But here we are, proving that the mute button does wonders for our self-esteem.

Outside of uni, I have realised that moving out of home is filled with many bizarre joys.

Buying a garlic press, vacuum cleaner, and broccolini.

Using garlic press for the first time today when making satay chicken, using vacuum cleaner for the first time today when cleaning the house, and the knowledge that I have healthy food in the fridge and am actually kind of looking after myself.

Buying a filing cabinet. Building a filing cabinet. Filling a filing cabinet with all the papers reminding me of how much money I’m spending.

Getting a new fridge. Unpacking a new fridge. Filling a new fridge with healthy vegetables. Oh, and haloumi. And frozen dumplings. Frozen vegetable dumplings, if that helps. (Does it?) Finding water on the floor the next morning upon realising that turning off the old fridge does in fact have consequences when towels are not involved. Asking myself whether I’m an idiot. Laughing at all the things I’ve never had to deal with before.

Like some guy showing up and mowing the grass. (Am I meant to pretend I’m not at home? What if I make eye contact? What if he makes eye contact?)

Realising that studying in my new place is pretty much the same as studying back at home, only now I have to remind myself to take breaks because dinner is not going to cook itself and no, Nutrigrain does not cut it.

But satay chicken does, and it smells pretty dang good.

Sarah xx

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