Something Will Happen

I find it bizarre to think about what you’re doing now, then think back to one year ago or five. Would that person have been able to do what you’re doing today?

I’m in the processing of moving out of my parents’ house, and I don’t think even the Sarah of six months ago would’ve handled it as I am today. I think there’s an aspect of everyone can probably deal with more than they think they can, or want to. While we might not like getting thrown in the deep end, we can make things work from there if we had to. But I also think there’s an aspect of simply readying yourself for the next step, whatever that may be.

This doesn’t even have to be a conscious thought or process, and for me it generally isn’t. But simply in living, our natural inclination is to move forward.

I’ve been watching my nephew, less than one year old, roll everywhere. When he doesn’t feel like travelling side-on, he digs his little knees into the ground and pulls himself along. In his own time, and without much prompting, he’ll naturally begin to move in new ways; he’s already halfway there. (I find myself thinking of all the things he’ll be able to do one day: walk, play soccer, read a book. And he’ll be the cutest little bean doing these things.)

But he’s gone onto the next thing in his own time, and will continue to do so.

There are times when we need nudging. When we might be a little stuck or lost or complacent. But I think most of us know when it’s time for the next thing. While we might not necessarily want to deal with it, it will happen simply because it has to. Each time my life has felt a little indecisive or I didn’t quite know what would happen next, something has always happened.

Because it has to.

I obviously always knew I would move out one day. Although I think younger Sarah would have a shocked look on her face to learn I’m actually making it happen. Or, that God’s plan has involved what it has.

But that’s the important part, isn’t it? That God has a plan and, ultimately, that’s my plan too. And it’s happening. Yikes.

Sarah xx

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