Rain, Rain

I have a cup of tea, I can hear the rain, and I love days like these.

There is something beautiful about a warm, sunny day. When you open all the windows and lie on the grass and drink cold water with lemon slices. But there is always a part of me yearning for that coziness, too. That cup of tea, that comfy cardigan, that feeling of being safely indoors while the world moves forward without you.

There are times when being in the rain is amazing, and a beautiful feeling. But sometimes just watching it cling to the window, hearing it beat on the concrete, smelling it as it awakens nature, is enough. Being so used to the drought, there is something comforting in waking up to the rain bouncing off the roof, dripping from the gutter.

I’ve just been out, driving through the rain, and while I need to use that much more concentration, it no longer stresses me.

When I’m driving on a hot summer’s day, it’s like every car around me is my friend. It’s like the whole world knows my name and is feeling the exact same as I am. But when I’m driving in the rain, I am an isolated cocoon. A warm, dry, safe, cocoon. The other cars aren’t my friend, everyone is a stranger and in their own secret world I know nothing of. When I’m driving in the rain, I have the freedom to think in a different way.

Just like everything, this is where God is good. Because on a sunny day, I love sunny days. On a rainy day, I love rainy days. In winter I love winter and in spring I welcome the change with arms wide open. God knew we would need variety. He knew we would need change.

Something I love about the different seasons is the organised change of it all. How the world is organised, time is organised, yet there is change and there is variety within this order. How we know that trees lose their leaves in winter and come alive in spring, yet every day offers us a new sky to sit under, a different temperature, weather pattern, to live in.

There is so much order we rely on. Like every day being 24 hours. Like a week being 7 days. Yet there is so much we cannot predict, so much we cannot control, so much wonder in every part of life. God is good.

Sarah xx

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