my thoughts on climate change

My main reason for trying to choose more eco-friendly options is less about climate change and more about Jesus.

// I don’t want to litter because that destroys the beautiful world God created.

// I don’t want to buy fast fashion because I care about the treatment of the workers.

// I don’t want to buy more stuff than I need because these items are temporary.

I’m not saying that climate change isn’t real, I just know that God is in control of all and knows all.

In Revelation 21:1 (the last book of the Bible) there’s mention of a new heaven and a new earth, indicating that the earth we’re on now isn’t meant to last forever. This earth isn’t anyone’s permanent residence, nor our inheritance.

Continuing in Revelation 21:1, it is said that that “the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…”

God has placed us here at this time, calling us to be good stewards of what He has given us, but it is temporary. This world is broken and has been since sin first entered in the Garden of Eden (the story of which is in Genesis, the first book of the Bible), when Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord.

I’m not denying that the world is warming up, but I can offer the perspective that God always knew this would happen.

I believe we should take care of what He has blessed us with. I also believe that the deteriorating world we live in is the consequence of our sin.

Climate change is bringing together every nation, but is forgetting God, who is Lord of all.

I am by no means saying I’m an expert on climate change or the Bible. But in light of the drought and bushfires in NSW, my faith has been strengthened immensely and I know that seeking God in this time is the only way to begin to understand what’s happening in our world today.

Sarah xx

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