On Body Positivity and Insecurity (part 3)

You can find part one here and part two here. Both are ~juicy bois~ so prepare yourself.

When you get to know someone, they look like themselves. Have you noticed that? How when you’re friends with someone, their looks don’t stand out to you in the same way because you recognise them as a person rather than as an appearance. I’ve had friends tell me they’re having a bad hair day, but I can’t see it! They just look like themselves; which is to say, I’ve never had a friend ‘look bad’ even though they may say that they do.

This isn’t to say that when a friend dresses up or does something different with their hair I don’t notice, because I do. But complimenting someone on how they look in a formal dress isn’t saying they looked bad the day before when they were wearing jeans and a jumper.

And perhaps the same can be said for acne.

If your skin is clearer one day and someone says it looks good, that doesn’t mean you looked bad when your skin wasn’t as smooth. I think it’s nice when people notice that kind of thing.

I use the example of acne because I’ve experienced it more intensely as an adult than as a teenager.

When I was in high school I did get a bit of acne, as many do, but looking back on photos it was never as bad as I felt it was.

But this year I’ve struggled with acne and it became my biggest insecurity. People definitely noticed it.

After trying to fix my acne with different things since the start of the year and seeing no change, the past couple of months I’ve tried something new. It probably should’ve been the first thing I tried, but at least we’re here now.

And that is prayer.

That’s right, my skincare routine is prayer.

Through Jesus, my skin right now is the clearest it’s been since I was a teenager. My relationship with God has deepened, and this whole journey has also deepened other relationships.

Maybe that sounds silly to you, that something like acne could play such a large role in my life. But it has, because of God. And I don’t want to downplay how God has moved in my life and taught me many lessons through the insecurity of acne and through the healing of acne.

One thing I’ve learned, and mentioned earlier, is that true friends don’t let acne affect the relationship. Sure, they’ll probably notice it, but a friend will see me as me regardless of my appearance. The condition of my skin doesn’t determine how much they like me.

On that note (a much shorter note than the previous body positivity posts), I’ll leave this here.

Happy Tuesday!

Sarah xx

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