Is Blogging a Dying Art?

Without much thought, my answer would be yes.

You hear it everywhere – or, I do – that people want to consume bite-sized media. This comes in the form of Instagram and YouTube; it’s easy to consume and it’s how people market themselves these days. It’s more common for someone to pitch their ~aesthetic~ Instagram account than their website.

But with more thought, and from the biased point of view of a blogger, words won’t, and shouldn’t, go out of style.

It’s not a competition between video and writing; they’re different platforms. Yes, they can be used to convey the same message, but someone who blogs doesn’t necessarily want to be on camera and vice versa.

Blogging may not have the same amount of popularity as it did ten years ago, but there are still those, like myself, who find joy upon discovering a new blog. I love sitting down and reading a post with a cup of tea. And I believe there are enough people who do love to read and write who keep the blogging community alive.

We may not see it right now, but the same goes for YouTube.

When it’s at its most popular, you get a wave of new content creators. But if the platform stops being trendy, only those who do it out of love will stay. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh; life gets busy, things fall through the cracks. There are creators who would feel bad about not uploading, they just don’t have the time. But that’s different to the ones who started because of the hype but aren’t committed to the art itself.

So yes, we can say blogging isn’t the most popular form of content. But there are those who dig into it and keep it thriving.

I say I blog on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays. I didn’t yesterday. And the past couple of weeks haven’t been spot on, either.

I’ve just finished up this trimester at university and had other things to do. But when I don’t blog, I still want to. I’m itching to write something to post, something that I’m proud of. It’s not out of fear of letting down my readers (lol, all 7 of you) and it’s not something I feel I ‘have’ to do. I want to because I love it. And even when I’m stressed and busy, blogging makes me feel better.

Blogging about something helps me process it. I’m having to explain something in a way that you can understand, which means I have to understand it, too! I love that blogging draws out my thoughts instead of skipping over them.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is thank you for reading this blog.

Now, back to watching YouTube…

Sarah xx

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