Eco-Friendly Implementation

Since Sunday’s post I’ve been thinking about ways I can implement more eco-friendly steps at work. On Monday I made myself a recycling-box, as that was an issue area for me, but there’s more I can be doing. Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

1/ Buy local where possible. (Okay, this isn’t specifically eco-friendly, but it has a good heart behind it.)

2/ When buying online, make a note to the supplier to use as little packaging as possible.

3/ Only print when necessary.

4/ Recycle everything possible.

5/ Buy the eco-friendly option (such as recycled printing paper).

These are quite small steps, but you have to start somewhere. To suddenly tell myself to go zero-waste isn’t realistic, and even making bigger changes would be difficult to do without implementing these smaller things. I’m also sure that the more I think and research, the more I’ll be able to change.

As I’ve said before, in order to change how things are done I need another solution. I can’t just tell myself to go zero-waste, I need to find out how I can practically do that long-term.

Let’s see how we go.

Sarah xx

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