Reversing the Damage to Our Environment

Taking care of the earth is a hot topic right now, and probably will be until Jesus returns. I say this because I believe that no amount of meat-free Monday’s we participate in (with our metal straws at the ready) can reverse some of the damage already done to this planet.

In light of this, I also believe that every small thing makes a difference and can improve areas that have been damaged; saying no to a plastic straw, buying a reusable shopping bag, etc.

I think the key is balance. People need to be aware of the consequences of their actions, as well as encouraged by what’s already being done to help the environment.

We hear so much about turtles being killed by plastic bags (which they mistake for jellyfish), but did you know there are machines (Seabins, invented in Australia) that are placed in the ocean and act as rubbish vacuums? They pull in rubbish and oil without harming sea creatures, and are checked daily. When checked, the rubbish is pulled out and disposed of before the empty Seabin is placed back in the water.

Sometimes we do need a wake-up call, that blunt delivery of truth to launch us into action. But a bit of good news, like hearing the positive effects of Seabins, wouldn’t go amiss, either. In terms of the environment, telling me we’re killing the bees (which will subsequently destroy our natural food sources) will not educate me on how to save them.

Phrases such as “There is no Planet B” are thrown around, but even after months of researching environmentally-friendly options, I’m not sure how to implement most of them into my everyday life. Yes, I’ve made some small changes (see here and here), but what do I do when my workplace goes through a thousand pieces of paper every day? To make bigger changes, we need to offer some sort of solution. To keep our Planet A, we need a Plan B.

In all of this, one thing I remind myself of is how many layers there is to ‘eco-friendly’. The world has so many problems, that to look at all of them as one issue is to be overwhelmed. Educate yourself where possible, but don’t become so lost in the environment that you forget to focus on the people that share this world with you.

I may not have many answers, but I’ll continue to look for the ones I can implement without taking on the guilt of the world. I’ve started where I am, with what I have, and what I know. And I’ll continue on.

Sarah xx

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