Why I Deleted my Instagram Account

Why did I delete my Instagram account?

To put simply, I stopped enjoying Instagram a while ago, and lately I’ve been asking myself why something I don’t like takes up so much of my time.

You might be asking why I went to the extreme measure of deleting my Instagram account. There are ways to ‘stop using it’ whilst keeping your account alive for future use; I could delete the app instead of my actual account, I could choose to not look at my phone.

But apparently my self-control isn’t that good, because even though I don’t like being on my phone it was what I turned to anyway.

In the last year, I have done the following things to make my social media experience more positive and less time-consuming:

1/ Only followed accounts of people I knew in person and a few famous people I genuinely liked

2/ Used another app that blocked Instagram after 15 minutes of use a day

3/ Removed the Instagram app from my phone

4/ Turned off my phone after a certain time each night

I’m embarrassed to say none of these worked for very long.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who uses their phone excessively; there are many social media/messaging apps I don’t have, and I don’t turn my data on which means I can’t use apps when I’m not at home.

So why was my first instinct to reach for my phone, something I didn’t even enjoy that much anyway?

I want to embrace a minute of not having something to do. I want to sit and think and not distract myself with a screen. I don’t want to lose track of time because I’m looking at content that doesn’t add value to my life.

Social media is such a tricky thing because a lot of people I know live elsewhere and it’s a way of keeping in contact.

But I also think that people I care about should know I care about them regardless of liking or commenting on their photo. Social media isn’t a platform to hold a decent conversation; you might see big life updates, but to really connect you need to converse with the person.

I’m not trying to rain on the social media parade. I’m not saying that it’s bad and I’m not judging those who use it. I personally just want to break the habit of reaching for my phone. I want to better manage my time. I want to see the world through my own eyes rather than through a screen. And I’ve found I can’t do these things if I have Instagram.

Maybe one day I’ll make a new Instagram account and I won’t feel guilty about the time I spend on it. But now is the time for me to have a break.

I’ve deleted my Instagram account and it’s the beginning of something.

Sarah xx

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