A Bookish Day

I’ve been in a bookish mood. More so than usual, anyway.

After an almost-stressful day at work yesterday (I say almost, because it wasn’t that bad. I’ve been away for a week so it was more getting back into the groove and trying to sort out the different threads of thought in my brain.), I went to the library.

Ah, the library. I love the library.

It’s quiet. You can walk around in complete silence, no one feels the need to say a thing. It’s not like a shopping centre where people are trying to sell you things (leave me alone, I want to get home! Don’t give me a brochure!), where people are chattering away. The library is a silent, air-conditioned sanctuary.

And the books! So many books I haven’t read! So many that I probably don’t want to, but so many treasures to be discovered! When I go to the library, each time I focus on a different aisle. So far I’ve only made my way through two aisles, so I know that next time I go there will be rows and rows of books I’ve never even seen before.

Once I’ve borrowed a stack of books, I like looking at them when they’re at home. A fresh batch of pages, sitting on my desk, waiting to be read before they’re due back at the library. New (yet old) books to inspire me. And I am! Even having more books in my room motivates me to soak in as many words as I can, and in turn to write some words myself.

With a busy week ahead (save for today, which is lovely because it means I have time to blog), I’m glad for a pile of books to read. I know that when I get to them, it’ll be a chance to relax and discover.

I think the rest of my morning will be spent exploring book recommendations on Goodreads (the book website I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without) (well, that’s quite dramatic but it’s fun to be a bit of a drama queen every now and then), reading a library book, and writing some book reviews. This afternoon I’ll take a look at my to-do list, but for now I’m in bookland and I’m going to rest here awhile.

Sarah xx

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