Ready for 2019

I’ve decided to write a little list this evening – because who doesn’t love a good list?

Here are five lessons learned in recent times that I want to take with me as we transition into the New Year.

1/ You will not always agree with someone – this is not necessarily a bad thing.

2/ Don’t hesitate in sorting out miscommunication.

3/ It’s okay to write something just for you.

4/ You actually do feel better after exercise.

5/ When you wind up at the wrong kebab shop, walk for two minutes in the boiling sun to the right kebab shop, resulting in one of the only times you’ve been late. (Or, admit to your mistakes and accept the forgiveness that follows.)

In one way it doesn’t feel like the end of a year, but in another I’m excited at the universal fresh start. Who knows what I’ll end up doing tomorrow – or, the last day of 2018. Probably play Sims like normal.

Sarah xx

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