On Blogging for Two Years

I’ve been thinking about my blog lately; how it’s changed over the (many) months, how it ranges from longer posts to short thoughts that didn’t even make sense to me at the time.

I like what my blog is, and I still love blogging, but I can’t help but linger on what it used to be.

At various times throughout 2017 I would get annoyed that my blog wasn’t just about one or two things. It was a collection of my thoughts based on the day, which made it difficult to create a menu: I had no set categories to stick to.

Despite this unorganised mess, I’m so fond of what my blog was back then. Writing helps me process, and even when I wrote things that were only half-sentences, they were my half-sentences and they made up the bulk of my blog. You never knew – I never knew! – what the day’s post would hold. God, overalls, chai, winter, friendships, the beach; it was a surprise to even me what I would write about.

This year, without the challenge of blogging every single day (sometimes I still can’t believe I did that), the posts are less random and more controlled. ‘Phases’ is a good word for it. A number of posts on writing, a number of posts on eco-friendly, a number of posts on poems. Collections of set topics. Every post fit into a category.

Which also meant every half-thought I wrote was deleted.

Well, perhaps not all (gotta give myself some credit), but a lot. So many days I wanted to blog and would write a million small things, then delete them because none were ‘big’ enough to turn into a blog post. In 2017, I had to publish those small things because they were all I had for the day.

While it’s good to see how my blog has evolved and grown with me – as I figure out my likes, dislikes, passions, etc. – perhaps I delete too many of my words without giving them a chance to breathe.

I have loved blogging this year. I have loved sharing each new passion, each new interest in my life. I enjoy taking you, campers, on my different journeys, figuring things out. I smile when I see how many posts I have about ‘writing’ alone – as though I am an expert! I like that I share such things even though I’m figuring it out as I go.

For 2019, I’m not making any specific ‘blogging goals’. I have no challenges in mind, no planned out topics to capture in writing. But I would like to give my half-thoughts a second chance. I would like to share more about my life and what’s going on rather than just writing about the hobbies. Whilst the hobbies (creative writing, eco-friendly, etc.) are important to me and important to write about, there is more. There is always more.

My blog is currently undergoing a little construction, design wise. I haven’t quite decided what look I’d like for this blog, only that it’s time to mix things up because I am always down for a fresh start.

Until next time,

Sarah xx

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