That Time I Wrote a lot of Poems

With the hype of NaNoWriMo I realised I never reflected on my challenge of writing a poem a day for a month. So, here we go.

I have three notebooks stashed in my guitar case, within them holding my songs and poems. I filled up half a notebook during my month of writing a poem a day; some small rhymes, others thoughts that were spun into songs.


The overall feeling of writing poetry every day was a joyous one. There’s something unique and happy in writing just for you, without the purpose of “this has to be perfect because ________”. It was for me, and a way of expressing my every day life that wasn’t typical journalling.

As I said, some of what I wrote turned into songs that I play on my guitar, but not all of them. And that’s okay. I like the variety of light-hearted poems (I wrote a stanza about my french pear scented candle) and the more serious expression of emotions.

In all, everything I wrote in that 30 days is a reflection of my life. The normal days, the weird days, the boring days, the dramatic days. (Not that I really have dramatic days, though.)


At the end of the month I reached the end of a notebook. Someday soon I will begin a new one. I look forward to filling the pages with life.

Sarah xx

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