Looking Back, Looking Forward

It feels like a long time since I’ve sat down with a cup of tea and the spontaneity of writing a blog post, so it’s rather nice to be doing just that. With the reintroduction of Christmas music into my life and the weather warming up, blogging is go.

This year has gone fast, and now it’s nearly the end. Do you remember when the year “2018” sounded wrong and bizarre because it was the future? And now we’re here and it’s normal but it’ll soon be the past


It’s weird to think that earlier this year I didn’t have a job and was still figuring out life. Well, I guess I’m still figuring out life, but in a different way.

Reflecting on the year is one of my favourite things about December/January, because there’s so much that’s happened that I forget about. To look back and see where God was throughout the year is a great reminder of His love for us, even if in the moment we couldn’t see it.

One of my other favourite things about December/January is looking forward. Reevaluating goals and the direction you’re headed in, preparing for the fresh start that is a new year.

On one hand, if you want a ‘fresh start’, if you want to make a change, I believe you should do it regardless of what day of the year it is. The middle of the year isn’t an excuse to stay stuck.

But on the other hand, the new year has it’s own inspiration to it. (I’d call it ‘magic’, but that’s a bit gross and cliche, even for me.) In January the possibilities for the oncoming year feel endless. I love the feeling of new and clear and possibility. And I figure, if that’s how I feel in January I should roll with it.

For instance, this year I wrote a novel. And I’m thinking that next year I should show it to someone. The new year makes me want to keep moving forward rather than having a repeat of the year before. It’s a good time to reevaluate whether your current routine or habits are moving you in a direction (and with a pace) you’re content with. This year was a good year for writing, but if all I do is write without showing anyone, I won’t be traveling in the direction I want to be. Next year equals next step.

Well. With the New Year coming up (in less than a month!) and the love of writing lists and planning ahead (cough cough), I don’t want to rush past Christmas, and the miracle that is Jesus.

As much as I enjoy looking forward, we also need time to dwell where we are right now. And right now Christmas is coming and God is speaking.

Sarah xx

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