Eco-Friendly: An Update

Nearly ten days ago I posted this, which spoke of my want to be more eco-friendly and minimalistic. It hasn’t been too long, but I felt like blogging a little update, so here we are!

Here’s what’s happened since that blog post:

1/ I bought a phone case that’s compostable

I’ve been wanting a new phone case, as the plastic cheapie I’m currently using is scratched up and has started to chip off. I’ve ordered a new case online which is compostable, and that just blows my mind. The colour of the compostable case is also called ‘shark’, so how could I resist?

2/ Donated clothes and not replaced them

Looking in my closet now, it’s much more colour-themed, and my shirts go with my skirts. That’s the goal in life, isn’t it? I’m still not in the same league as a capsule wardrobe, but everything in my closet I actually like and wear, so I’m happy with that.

3/ Donated DVDs and books

A lot of the DVDs and books I’ve donated I had only kept because they added to the collection instead of me actually enjoying them. Why do I do this. Now everything fits on my two bookcases and it’s not ugly, and that feeds my soul.

4/ I’m excited to sew again

What started this was sewing reusable cotton rounds. They were so quick and simple to make, and I know I’ll get good use out of them. I’m currently in the process of sewing another pair of pyjama shorts, as my only other pyjama shorts are the chicken shorts I made. Whilst the chickens are cute, they’re a bit see-through and they have a few dodgy bits. (For instance, one seam is showing.)

The fabric I’m using this time is thicker, and as I want these to be used for real, I’m taking the project slower and with more care.

5/ I’ve rediscovered old treasures

In clearing out my wardrobe, I rediscovered a pair of pants I haven’t worn for at least five years. Brilliant! I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of them all those years ago, because they have been worn many times in the past week and they’re extremely comfortable.

6/ I’m not tempted to buy extra things

Even when I’ve gone to the shops to pick up office supplies for work, I haven’t wanted to buy anything for myself. I used to just buy a new notebook, or a book, that I didn’t actually need or want; but the temptation is no more. I currently have two empty notebooks, and I aint buying a new one until these are filled.

7/ Routine

I don’t think this is solely related to being environmentally aware, though the two came about at the same time. But I now have a morning routine that I stick to, and because of it I’ve been energised, productive, and content. I write and sew and exercise and life is good. I think I’m just more aware and intentional in all areas of my life.

8/ Less screen time

I used to follow approximately 230 people on Instagram and was subscribed to 30 YouTube channels. Now I follow 110 and am subscribed to 10. The people I’m following now on both are eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, zero-waste.

I have less to look at which means I spend less time on my phone and laptop. I used to scroll aimlessly; instead, I now read a book. On top of this, what I do see now is good for me. I’m not being bombarded by beauty products and clothing hauls, but am learning about clothing factories overseas. It’s such a relief, and incredibly freeing, to not be feeding on fast-fashion and products to make you ‘happy’ and ‘confident’. I m much happier in myself since I stopped seeing such products.

9/ In the long run I’ll be spending less money

Most things are more expensive if they’re environmentally friendly, or made in Australia rather than a factory overseas, but these products should outlast those cheapies. In the least, they’re better for the environment and supporting good causes. Some things are probably better for me, without the extra ingredients.

10/ I’m excited

This could be due to the fact that this is still new, but I’m excited about researching the facts and discovering ways I can do something differently. Living intentionally and with care has me excited and energised.

Sarah xx

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