Sewing: Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you remember from this post, I said that one small step I want to take to help the environment was to sew reusable cotton rounds. I use disposable ones to remove makeup and nail polish, and that’s a lot of waste.

Sewing reusable ones wasn’t that hard, either; I spent half an hour one afternoon cutting out the fabric, and an hour the next morning hand sewing them together.

I used soft fabric that I already had and wasn’t using for anything else (one second-hand and another from some old clothing of mine) and put a layer of fleece in the middle for extra squish.

To cut out the circles I used a candle, so you could use any glass jar or container to trace around the fabric. It doesn’t matter if they’re not cut out perfectly; after I’d hand sewn two pieces of fabric and one fleece together I trimmed the edge to make them even.

I feel good about how quick and easy they were to make, because it’s something I can just pull together when I need new ones and I’m using fabric I already have. (Also they’re the cutest things ever.) (Seriously, who doesn’t want a cotton round with a fried egg or avocado on it?)


Sarah xx

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