Roasted Chickpeas

I roasted a tin of chickpeas on Sunday. Well, it was meant to be a tin of chickpeas; in all honesty, I did eat several handfuls before they made it onto the tray. To be fair, I was hungry and they were nicer than I expected them to be.

I looked up many recipes, and in the end decided to kind of mush them all together to make it easier for me. Seriously, some recipes are dodge. In the end, here’s what I did:

1/ Drain chickpeas and dry with a tea towel. I didn’t bother peeling the skin off. As they cook they flake off anyway, then go fun and crispy.

2/ Transfer chickpeas on tray and drizzle with one teaspoon of oil. (One teaspoon per tin). Roll chickpeas around the tray so they all get some oil.

3/ Sprinkle with herbs, salt and pepper, and roll them around some more.

4/ Place into cold oven and turn to 190.

2018 (495).jpg

5/ Cook for forty minutes, checking and rolling the chickpeas around every ten minutes. In this time I also tried one and added more salt. A lot more salt.

6/ At the end of forty minutes they were still soggy on the inside, so I left them for another five minutes. After this time about one third were crunchy while the rest were soggy. I didn’t realise, so took them out at this point, but next time I’d leave them for an extra ten minutes rather than five.

2018 (489).jpg

Easy, boi.

Sarah xx

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