August Audiobooks

A cup of tea in the morning sun and I’m ready to blog.

I’ve been really into audiobooks lately, for the first time ever. I don’t know why, but even though I’ve loved podcasts for the last few years, the thought of listening to an audiobook never really spoke to me. (Ha. Spoke to me.)

I was interested, but I read very fast (probably too fast) so audiobooks always felt like they would take too long to get through.

In the last few days, I’ve delved into the land of audiobooks. And it’s actually been pretty good.

My plan is to listen to a few chapters whilst going for a walk/run. I did this yesterday, and it was a nice change to listening to music. It also means I’m not rushing through the book and listening to it all day without doing anything else, but taking my time and getting back into the habit of exercising. Okay, more walking than running but it’s been a while, so we gotta start somewhere.

I also know that if I rush through a few audiobooks I won’t want to listen to any for months, so by slowing down and only listening to a chapter or two a day, I’ll keep enjoying the experience. Especially because I’m used to podcasts, which are typically twenty minutes.

I found the audiobooks from my local library (they have a website that lets you download the audio onto your device), so I’m not sure how many books I’ll actually be interested in. Still, I’ve made a start and we’ll see how we go.

With all this reading, I wonder how much writing I’ll get done?

Sarah xx

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