One Story, Two Story

I feel like blogging but the only thing to blog about right now is the weather and tea and driving through the fog into the sunshine.

In some ways this is a nice place to be because life is simple and enjoyable and each day holds stability. But in another way how many times can I blog about repetition?

I suppose I have a story. Two, even.


This morning I woke up and began to journal, and halfway through my journalling time a massive daddy-long-legs appeared in front of my face. It slid down this invisible spider web at an alarming speed, and it suddenly was just there, directly in front of me.

Scared the crap out of me. He’s dead now.


This afternoon I had a blood test and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it also wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t watch the lady take my blood but I saw it in the tube afterward and that was a mistake.

When I got home I popped on some comfy pants and made a cup of tea and that helped the entire matter.

I’ve been thinking about what meaningful things I can pass onto you, about what I’m learning and what I’m thinking and what I’m hearing but today isn’t the day to write all of that down. But perhaps I’ll leave you with a little something:

A story is still a story no matter how small.

Sarah xx

One thought on “One Story, Two Story

  1. Stories are ways that we connect with people, and I’m pretty sure a Lot of people can empathize with the spider story – it crosses all forms of boundaries and makes people realize we have more in common than we have different.


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