Savoury Muffins

Tell me, what better two words are put together than the humble ‘savoury muffin’? Such beautiful connotations; savoury, in itself, is already up there, but add it to a muffin and you’ve got something good coming your way.

It’s in the same league as mini quiches and date scones. Something already fantastic, aided by a second word. From quiche to mini, from scone to date. From muffin to savoury. Am I excited? Yes. Why? My savoury muffins are happily puffing up in the oven as we speak.

The process of making something so delicious is surprisingly simple. All it involves is chucking ingredients into a bowl and combining them together (without over-stirring, mind you), and the ingredients aren’t laborious. You don’t have to use the stove top; the most effort you put in is grating some cheese, but cheese is always worth it. The ingredients are basics: flour, butter, milk, cheese. I add in herbs, too, and I do not put in mushrooms like the recipe told me too. (That would be a crime.)

Twenty minutes later, and the muffins are golden and I’m so hungry I may eat them all. Man, imagine if I ate all those muffins. How disturbing. It would start off happy then turn into a disaster. Good thing I’m not actually going to eat them all *laughs nervously*.

I now have a cup of tea to my right and a savoury muffin, buttered, to my left. Living the dream over here, sitting in the sun. I’ve become a little obsessed with several YouTube channels this year, so I’ve got a couple of short videos to watch on varying matters (moving house vlogs, writing tips, how to style sweatshirts – I don’t know, but I love them) and it’s so relaxing just sitting here.

I like baking because it’s relaxing as well as productive, sort of. (Cooking dinner isn’t relaxing, but making muffins sure is.)

What’s that I hear you say? You want some photos of them? I’ve got you covered.

The campers themselves

Alright. Having eaten three of the twelve, I think it’s time to calm down.

Sarah xx

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