Easter is one of those days that I want to write a blog post about (hence what you’re reading, well, right now) but in reality it feels like nothing I could write in this post can match up to the meaning of Easter and why it exists. The weightiness of it, if you will.

Easter is one of those things that means more to me every year. The more I get closer to God, and the more I truly understand what unconditional love is, the heavier Easter is.

Believing in Jesus Christ, Easter isn’t just a public holiday. Good Friday is good because it meant we could have a relationship with God, but every year that passes I think more and more about what actually took place in order for that to happen for us.

The one person that didn’t deserve to die, did.

And the most painful, humiliating death on top of that. It’s easy to sugar coat Easter, especially when you grow up with the resurrection story, because it loses a bit of impact. It’s just normal. But there is nothing normal about what Jesus went through and the price He paid, the suffering involved.

Jesus, who had been in constant, perfect communication with God, was suddenly left in silence. The only perfect man (ever) took our place, took what we deserved, and fulfilled God’s will. He was hung on a cross, scorned, mocked. He was the one person who had done nothing to deserve that treatment; He was the one person who had loved unconditionally, and yet He paid the price.

Jesus died for all people, some who will never acknowledge His existence. He died the most painful death so that we could live, and live with the assurance of eternity with God. He made it possible for us to be forgiven and to be seen as faultless.

That is love. Sacrificing His life for the lives of many though we don’t deserve it.

And then, after three days, He rose from the dead.

Showing the power of God, He rose from the grave and beat death. He went through the darkest of days to rise victorious. Nothing could stop Him from being the one true God, nothing could hold Him down, nothing could separate Him from us. I can’t even get my head around the amount of power He has in order to beat death.

The most powerful forces of darkness were no match against Him.

The more I think about what Jesus went through, all for the love of us, His creation, the more I am in awe of who God is. Who else would suffer through what He did (unfairly), and who else could rise as He did?

The story of the crucifixion and resurrection is the greatest example of His love, as well as a mighty example of His power and glory. He was literally dead for three days and then He rose up because He could. On that day, Jesus was victorious. He beat death. He was stronger than the power of the grave.

Go Jesus!

This isn’t quite a full telling of what happened to Jesus, nor is it a full post of reflection. It simply is what it is, because when it comes to my saviour, no words I have could describe Him in full. Nothing can capture the strength, the beauty, the love, the power, the awe. Even those words, the english words we so often use to describe Him, don’t seem large enough in light of the resurrection and unconditional love that He showed that day, and every day before, and every day since.

Sarah xx

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