Sunflower Dreaming

I was washing up when I saw them. Sunflowers, fully bloomed, looking absolutely perfect. There’s no other way to describe them.

It’s the first time I’ve grown a plant from a seed. As in, all the other flowers and succulents I’ve had I’ve all bought already as plants, so all I had to do was sustain them. But to watch something grow literally starting from a tiny little seed buried in some dirt? It was something else. (Thanks mum; without you I probably wouldn’t have watered them enough and they wouldn’t be who they are today.)

They started off so small!

After I saw them and took a picture (no filter needed, they’re that perfect and golden in real life) I just looked at them for ages. They’re just so beautiful!

2018 (192).jpg
The stunners themselves

Now, I’ve appreciated nature before but this is on a whole new level. These sunflowers are legitimately the most beautiful part of nature I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever been so caught up on a plant before. We all know I love flowers, but this is on a level I’ve never experienced before. I can’t stop thinking about my sunflowers. I’ve never felt this excited about God’s creation before, I’ve never been in awe of what He’s made before. Sure, I’ve appreciated and I’ve loved and I’ve ‘found pretty’, but I’ve never actually been this excited before.

They’re the perfect colour, shape, texture, and God thought of all of that when He made them. Is that amazing or what? The amount of detail gone into every part of that flower. I’m actually out of words, they’re that stunning.

Because you can’t have too many sunflower photos

These sunflowers have been the perfect metaphor for me ever since I planted them.

There was a time, not that long ago, when I woke up to find my sunflowers had fallen over, with the pot broken and the sunflowers lying horizontally, out of the pot and sad. The pot was too small, and I had to transfer them to a bigger, sturdier pot that could carry them. The small pot looked good for a time and sustained them, but they had done all the growing they could there.

Then, just before they had bloomed to their full potential, there was one point where only one petal was standing out, looking at the sun. The other petals were still curled up, not quite ready, but one petal was inviting the rest to join it. When I saw that for the first time God just kind of said that learning and growing from Him takes time, and it’s just one step at a time. It’s a process, and it’s okay that you’re not fully ‘open’ all at once, but that you’re learning and trusting, one petal at a time. Just keep following the Son.

Nearly there

Now the sunflowers are in bloom, and maybe I’m looking too much into things but I feel like they started blooming as things in my life started to come together more.

My sunflowers are more photogenic than I am

They’re just fantastic, and I’m so happy with them. I’ve never been this happy with flowers before. Who knows where my plant adventures will take me next?

Sarah xx

One last happy golden beauty snap

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