Sewing: Chicken Shorts

Today is cold but I’m sitting inside where it’s warm, and I’m bundled up in a way that can only be described as ‘bundled’.

I went out into the kitchen this afternoon to make myself a big cup of caramel black tea in my new dressing gown (which has a hood) but I got trapped in the kitchen because there were two men at the door talking to my mum about chopping our trees down because they’ll become a hazard around electric wires. I couldn’t escape without them seeing my dressing gown and superhero pants, so I stayed in the kitchen pretending I had nothing better to do than play with the tea strainer.

Something that made today happy is that my mum bought haloumi, which makes me very happy because haloumi is pretty much happiness in cheese form, and it means I get to learn to cook haloumi which is apparently very easy (you just cook it in a dry frying pan, and then liquid comes out of it which lightly browns itself and it doesn’t take that long). I also just wanted a reason to use the word haloumi several times in that paragraph, which I’ve succeeded in doing.

On another note, today I’ve also started to sew a million and one things, whilst finishing off one. I’ve finally gotten around to completing the embroidery on my tablecloth, and now I’ve started to sew myself a pair of shorts as well as a wall-hanging with pockets.

The fabric for my shorts have the best pattern. Cute little chickens! Here, I’ll take a picture because I want a picture and as you’re reading this blog it means you get to see them too.

Clearly not ironed, but I’m on it!
Hello Miss Chicken!

I was going to wait until I had finished sewing them before writing about them on my blog, but I couldn’t resist. Hello, they’re chicken shorts; as if I could keep that kind of information to myself. Contrary to popular belief, I am calling them chicken shorts and this does not mean they are shorts for our family’s chickens. Although that would be awesome… I wonder if I made shorts for the chickens if they would wear them, or if they would be too uncomfortable? Would their legs look weird poking out of little shorts? I’m not sure. I’m going to start sewing my shorts after I publish this post. Get keen, campers.

I suppose you could say this blog post isn’t on much at all, but it’s nice not to have a point and to just write because I’ve lived a day of my life, as average as it may have been. Although, haloumi hasn’t happened in our household before, so I suppose this day hasn’t been average at all, but exciting and leaping into the future of haloumi-loving.

I hope you all had a day with a story worth telling (I’m sure you did…),

Sarah xx

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