On Words

Something that I like about writing, and blogging, is that an event or thought or person that’s a part of my life becomes a part of your life as you read my words. What I also like is that the message I receive from my writing won’t necessarily be the message you receive from my writing. What I like on top of this is that I can receive something from someone else’s writing, something that they didn’t intend or were necessarily aware of. That’s the beauty of words, isn’t it, and art in general? The fact that there doesn’t have to be one meaning, but that anyone can take away whatever they wish, or whatever their heart wishes. Sometimes our heart interprets something we would rather not take part in.

Since moving home, I’ve been more intentional about reading words and soaking the words up. Having seemingly more time to do whatever I feel like has resulted in me reading books more thoroughly, listening to music more carefully, and simply paying attention to what I’m receiving from words, sentences, paragraphs. I’ve enjoyed reading classics; I finished reading Emma by Jane Austen last week, and I sticky-noted the paragraphs that I loved. I also finished reading Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte, and I found myself enjoying the language and the plot, and I have the feeling I understood more of it than what I would have if I had read it last year. It’s like I have the headspace to understand the English language, and the patience to unfold it and see it with my own eyes, not simply take it at face value.

I like the thought of a book club (it’s in the same category as being in a choir, or an orchestra; being apart of something without necessarily being the main focus, but knowing I’ve added something whilst having joy doing it), because you get many different thoughts from one thing. We perceive things through what we experience, and when we read something it can resonate with everyone differently depending on what we’ve been through.

I think there’s beauty in this, and a complexity that is both intriguing and bizarre. If everyone were to write a personal reflection from one quote, one paragraph, one scene, I wonder what new information we would discover about the people around us.

Sarah xx

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