The Art of Learning More

As the end of my year of blogging looms closer, I’ve decided to continue the trend of a list of lessons learnt. This is a list of things I’ve learnt since moving back home. I’ve been back home since late December, nearly a month, although it doesn’t feel that long due to going away and visiting family around Christmas, and the general hype around the festive season. Here end the ramble and here begins the list:

1/ It’s okay to not know everything

I don’t know what my expectations were, but they were probably along the lines of have your life sorted by the second of January. I think I’ve come to accept that things don’t work that way, and it’s okay to not know what I’m doing right now. When people ask me, it’s okay for me to openly say I don’t have a particular plan right now.

2/ Balance is a good thing

And by this, I mean, sleep in until nine then go for a run so you feel better. Okay, so I’ve gone for one run. But two walks! In which I got incredibly sunburnt that I’m a mix between a sheet of paper and a lobster. Seriously, how did only parts of my body get so burnt? Here is a picture I drew of my sunburn (judge free zone):

I was out walking whilst talking on the phone. Not a good idea…

But seriously, I mean that I can relax and have fun without freaking out about my resume (which is now done, might I add).

3/ Don’t pressure yourself

Which kind of ties in with the above point. It’s okay if I don’t get a job right away, or if I don’t do this or that right away. I’m allowed to roll with it; I don’t need to be doing all these things all the time just so my act can look like it’s together.

4/ Enjoy the freedom

Someone said this to me yesterday, and again, it kind of ties in with the above points. I’m the kind of person that wants to have everything sorted and be doing something ‘worth while’ when at the moment, I should be enjoying this season rather than making it more stressful and complicated than it has to be. (Also, as much as I loved having roommates, there’s nothing quite like having a room to yourself with no one to keep you up at night or wake you up earlier than you want to be. And playing my music out loud all the time! Bliss.) (Not to mention the candles…)

5/ Make God the centre

It feels a bit weird to write that but have it last on my list. Oh well. By the end of last year, I didn’t have much motivation in reading my Bible, so it was sporadic and, well, not frequent. But January 2018 has found me reading my Bible at night time and journaling. Whilst I the typical-Sarah likes to read her Bible in the morning (to set the tone of the whole day and to get me in a good space), that hasn’t been working for me so far. I don’t know why; it’s not like I have anywhere to be in the morning. I think it’s because I wake up at different times every morning; sometimes seven, sometimes nine, so there’s no stability in my morning, no routine. But I remember to read my Bible before I sleep. That will probably change once I get a job and have a different structure to my day, but for now I’m going with what’s working for me.

Okay. When did it get this late? I think my blogging has just kept getting pushed back.

Only a few days left of my year of blogging!

Sarah xx

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