The Art of Starting a Year

It’s 2018.

Now what?

The world waits for a new year to begin, and wherever I go I see “how to be more productive in 2018” “how to keep your 2018 goals” “how to make 2018 the best year ever”. Well. Seems like people are into their resolutions. But now what? The year has begun, and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Am I still in holiday-mode, or am I expected to have completed a to-do list by now?

Why is the New Year so confusing?

Because in one way, it’s legitimately just another day, and there are things that can be done and there are things that can be left until tomorrow. Another day.

But in another way, there’s this part of me that wants to start the year off right, as though that will dictate the course of the following 364 days.

I went for a walk/run this morning, after I’d woken up at 9:30 (I know right; I barely recognise myself any more. Who is this stranger that possesses the talent of sleeping in past 8?) but I’ve also relaxed today, so I think I’ve started the year well. Easing into it whilst keeping some sort of discipline.

I like that. And I like the thought of retaining this throughout the year. Having routine and doing those things that need to be done/should be done (such as cleaning the bathroom) whilst having the time and attitude to relaaaax (such as reading a book). And then there are those things that are kind of both (such as cooking dinner, or going for a jog).

It’s time to begin again. A year holds so much promise, yet so much room for things to happen that we don’t know of yet. Most people start the year off hopeful, thinking that ‘this year will be the year it all goes right’. But I don’t think that’s a thing that’s a thing. Every year holds its own mix of challenges, struggles, encouragements, joys, laughter, tears. Every year is a roller coaster in its own right. And I think that’s how it should be. If we had the perfect year, what would the rest of our lives hold? Every year is a learning curve, because we’re never fully prepared for something, no matter how more productive we are, or how better our goals are, or how focused or determined we are. Every year is a learning curve, and that’s what keeps it interesting.

I’m liking 2018 so far. Who knows what it holds, for any of us…

Sarah xx

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