The Art of Sewing

I really like sewing. I’ve been doing it for a lot of my life (though when I was younger, the projects involved tiny cross-stitched pies) and don’t plan on stopping. I want to get a lot better, actually. I’ve made shirts before, though neither fit me any more, and I like the fact that you can be wearing someone that literally no one else could possibly own.

I’ve sewn many, many bags in my time, clutches, weird-felt-animals-and-random-shapes, random embroidery that I have yet to make into something useful. Hey, at least they look cute, even if they aren’t conventionally useful. I’ve made cushion upon cushion, pin cushion upon pin cushion, book cover upon book cover.

The best things I’ve sewn have been in the past few years, where I’ve sewn place-mats and oven-mitts and blankets.

But I didn’t come here to brag…I’m here to set some goals! Because you know how much I love doing that.

There are some things I tend to stray from, such as zippers. There are so many things that can go wrong with zippers! They scare the crap out of me. I have one great sewing book that goes through techniques in sewing, and there’s a whole section devoted to zippers. Once the new year is upon us, the zipper section may be my best friend. Because I want to learn these skills! I want to learn them without caring if I have to unpick it a few times (though that is incredibly painful).

This is my plan. To become more confident in sewing. Because I love it! Though it does have a tendency to frustrate me. But only because I want to be really good right away, when sometimes you gotta make a few mistakes.

Although, you’ll be pleased to hear that since starting this blog (in which I wanted to start and finish something) I have actually delved into my craft cupboard and have started finishing all of those half-done sewing projects. Since doing this blog and being so close to finishing something, the motivation has come out in other areas of my life.

I am now currently finishing embroidering a tablecloth that I had sitting in a box for several years. Who does that? Actually, I suspect a lot of craft-people do that. But I want to finish what I’ve started, and now I’ve started doing that. It’s pretty exciting, actually. Going through all my old things and turning these half-done projects into legitimate things.

Next year, I suspect you’ll be hearing about some of my dramatic-epic-sewing-adventures-with-Sarah, and I hope you do because it means I’ll be doing it. And I really want to be good at zippers.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah xx

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