The Art of Becoming Carole King

I’m listening to Carole King and it’s kind of reassuring, but in a way unnerving because it’s not my norm and because it’s not my norm something in me just doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. I’ve already played Sims 4 and I’ve already redecorated my room and I’ve already made a to-do list and a vague plan for the rest of my life but when it really comes down to it, what does that mean and what does that hold for me right now?

Should I be spending time writing my novel, like I have been, or spending more time writing my resume which I want to pretend I have but in reality I have no resume because I made one when I was 17 but I don’t think it even exists any more it was so poorly done.

Maybe on my resume I can say that I’m punctual, a quick learner, and a Natural Woman. Would that get me a job? Probably not one I want.

Maybe I should get a job being a tribute artist, and I can just sing Carole King all day. I’m genuinely considering this. Well, as genuinely as you can when you’re considering copying someone else for money. So perhaps not very genuine at all.

My last few blog posts have all been 500 words or more, so I think I can get away with a relatively short one tonight. I’ll write my resume tomorrow to make up for it. Maybe. But please just remember that all you have to do is call and I’ll be there; you’ve got a friend (campers).

Sarah xx

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