The Art of Graduating (Again)

Last time I wrote a post about graduating, it was from a ten-weekend course that I had completed. Tonight I graduated from a whole years worth of study, getting a Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.

I didn’t think much of it, until someone said ‘Hey Sarah, you have a diploma!’ And now I’m like ‘oh my goodness, I have a diploma!’ I don’t really know what to do with it, but I have it! A diploma! How fancy!

The study this year wasn’t the reason why I moved away from home, so it wasn’t on my radar that I was actually graduating and receiving something. For me, having my graduation meant sad because it means the end of the year which means I’m leaving in a week or so.

But I have a diploma!

Not that that was the point of this blog post.

Graduation was fun. It’s because it’s a night off, and that night is for you and celebrating your friends and everyone’s in holiday-party-chill-mode, not work-mode. Right? It’s just a chance to take nice photos and talk to people and wear makeup, even though it smudged off because of sweat, people. Sweat.

I know now that when I look back on the year it’ll be with fondness and with love. I will remember the tough moments, and how sometimes the study got stressful and all the hard bits involving people and work and your own issues going on inside  and just everything in that basket.

But when I look back, I’ll see how God was just there and how He just gently did His great thing. You know, where He shows you where you’re not quite like Jesus, and where you act out of ‘the old man’ not ‘the new man’. And how He never condemns you, but just lovingly pulls you closer and says ‘hey, let me help you through this so we can get closer because I really want you to feel my love but this ungodly thing is stopping you from knowing that I love you. Let’s work on it together’.

Seriously, how good is God!

So I’m feeling pretty content with graduation passed and the end of the year so, so close. As in, tomorrow-close. I think I’ll get progressively sadder, but with that comes the happiness of a year well done, and a year where I was loved and a year that I loved in return.

2017 is so nearly over (sorry, I know it’s not even Christmas and I’m getting reminiscent, but bear with for sec) and I can remember the day 2017 was so fresh. Way back in January when I first started to blog… Ah, the wonder.

But looking back on this blog is for another post in itself; a post preferably done on my last official day of ‘blogging every day for an entire year’. You know that whole goal-thing I was doing? Yeah that. Don’t feel bad, I forget about it too. 😉

Alright campers, this tired graduate should have some sleep time. I feel that if I don’t sleep soon, my sickness will attack once more.

Sarah xx

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