The Art of Swimming

If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that swimming has never been my favourite thing to do.

I have distinctive memories of going to various different swimming teachers throughout my childhood; one in which was slightly intimidating, and I remember I always had to tie my hair up and they supplied elastics if you didn’t have any. That teacher also made us dive, and I remember only doing it correctly once, and it was the one time my mum, I think, was watching, because she came to pick us up as I was diving. (That’s kind of a weird thing to remember, but oh well!)

We had to do swimming throughout high school, which I don’t remember enjoying. I’ve also had several incidents in the water that have been less-than-ideal, resulting in me not liking swimming and simply choosing not to swim.

But, on the weekend just passed when I was at the woman’s retreat, I went swimming by choice. I know, right? I just really wanted to go swimming, like I wanted nothing more than to go and have a swim.

I ended up swimming on Saturday and Sunday, which was awesome. On Saturday, there were a few people around, and I swam leisurely with a friend which was nice. Then on the Sunday, I went to the pool and there was no one else there.

I wasn’t there for hours or anything, and though I was expecting about six abs to appear, I didn’t achieve in getting any.

But, I swam and I actually really enjoyed it. The pool was a good size, and I did some laps. There was one point where I actually started to laugh (yes, by myself) because I was having so much fun and I felt Jesus there with me. Then a car drove past and I felt a bit awkward, so I went back to swimming so no one would think I was crazy.

Point is, I still feel like swimming. I’ve gotten past the point of not enjoying the water, and now it’s an activity that I actually want to do semi-regularly. It also makes my muscles tired, and when my muscles are tired without being filled with pain (like after I did that hip-hop workout for experienced dancers where every limb just about died) I feel good. Because it’s a good tired.

There is nearly nothing better than falling asleep when you’re tired. Ah, bliss.

Sarah xx

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