The Art of Showing Up

Planning comes very easily to me, and making sure I know what’s up next is sometimes too much of a priority to me.

But there are some things you can’t plan. There are some things you shouldn’t plan. One of my goals is to be someone who can show up for next thing without needing to make a list surrounding it.

Sometimes, all God requires of me is to show up. Actually, probably more than sometimes. I should be more led by him rather than my to-do list.

In life, there are circumstances when all we can do it show up, because things happen that are out of our control. So I pray that I learn to simply show up, without added expectations and planning.  I pray that I am in-tune with God enough to be guided by Him than trying to control everything around me.

I’m not saying that planning is a bad thing (golly, would I ever say that?) but when it becomes a necessity for every aspect of life when some aspects should be left alone, I fear planning can be more unhelpful than helpful to us.

Sarah xx

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