The Art of Watching

One of the weirdest things in life, I think, is the moment your life stops but no one else’s does.

It’s when something happens that shocks your system, and you kind of live in this weird state and you can’t completely explain what you feel.

It’s that moment when your life freezes, but you hear people laughing and talking around you. When you see people driving to the shops, and it’s such a small and simple thing that doesn’t fit in your shocked world.

You watch everyone else move forward, but you’re stuck.

Sometimes people sit with you for a moment, but as soon as you’ve parted ways you know their life tripled in speed while yours slows down. They have plans and go out and live a life while you sit on your bed and wonder why the minutes drag on as they do.

You watch and you watch and you watch, but you can’t join in, not yet. Not until your body has remember what normal is.

Sarah xx

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