The Art of Tuning a Guitar

The other week, I was taught a trick in tuning your guitar without a tuner. (I wanted to write “tuna” just then but didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t know the difference between a tuna and a tuner.) It means the guitar might be out of tune with other instruments, but it’s in tune with itself.

Today I was in an op-shop when I found hidden in a corner a bright purple Hannah Montana guitar. I couldn’t resist. I picked it up (slightly dusty, but the purple made up for that) and started playing. It was very out of tune (it sounded awful, honestly), so after a few chords that didn’t sound like chords at all, I decided to put my new trick into practise.

So I tuned it. I tuned the bright purple Hannah Montana guitar in the op-shop and it was pretty fantastic. The strings were nylon anyway, but the sound improved and I was happy to play a few chords that sounded like actual chords.

Put what you learn into practise, is what I say.

Sarah xx

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