The Art of Being Vulnerable

To be vulnerable is to be exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally, which is why being vulnerable can be so risky. There will be the possibility of being attacked or harmed.

Being vulnerable isn’t always something that comes naturally. Because there is such a risk involved, I think a lot of people have learned to become so reserved that not much is shared at all. Because we need to know who we can be vulnerable around, but there are times when we are young and we should have been safely vulnerable but we weren’t allowed to be.

Vulnerability doesn’t come easily to me, and I’m sure I can say the same for many others. But what I’ve found is that vulnerability has the best reward when done in a safe place with safe people.

It provides an openness and honesty that touches hearts, whether it’s your own vulnerability or someone else’s. It’s a privelage to hear someone’s heart, and I’m learning that it’s a good thing to hear mine, too.

Vulnerability, in it’s healthiest and purest form, unburdens someone without burdening someone else. It bonds and connects. It releases.

Vulnerability doesn’t happen over night. We can’t just suddenly share our whole life story. It involves trust, willingness, a journey. Vulnerability will start small and build up. Being vulnerable to one might mean saying the smallest thing, whilst to someone else it could be sharing their deepest pain. It’s all in the person’s journey.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah xx

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