The Art Called Love

I never understood the phrase ‘without love I am nothing’. It’s in 1 Corinthians 13 (the love verse) using similar wording.

But tonight it clicked.

I mean, before now I kind of understood it but now I get it in a deeper way. And I get it in a deeper way because of the cross.

For my sixteenth (fifteenth?) birthday I asked for a cross necklace, and I wore it every single day up until a few weeks ago when the chain snapped. (It’s a delicate beautiful thing, and the chain snapped when I pulled out my hairtie. I know right? I don’t even know how I managed it.) I wore it because I believe Jesus rose from the dead and it’s a symbol of my faith in my Jesus.

But when you hear the same message all the time for your whole life, it can become a bit dry. The cross that Jesus Christ died on can easily lose meaning if you hear it enough times. Which happened to me. I definitely believed it, but because it’s ‘normal’ I didn’t think much of the fact that Jesus died.

He died.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m sitting in on a conference, and the speaker tonight was talking about Jesus and the cross. And it hit me harder than it has before:

He died on the cross at the hands of those He loved for those He loves.

I’m in awe.

Despite all that pain and suffering (He died on a freaking cross, campers) He chose to forgive the people that did that to Him. And even though I wasn’t there in His day, I still put Him on that cross. It was my sin that put Him there.

Every sin was laid on Him, the ultimate sacrifice.

That is love.

Without love I am nothing.

Without Jesus I am nothing.

I always thought love was something different. But looking to Jesus on the cross? That is love. There is no greater love than that.

Jesus was so selfless and pure and kind and forgiving and and and the list goes on. I could go on. Everything good is Him. He is love.

Without love, what am I reduced to? Someone striving for attention, affirmation, approval? Someone performing their way through life to be good enough for someone, anyone?

But in love there is nothing to prove. If someone can love us so much that He would go through the worst possible death, what more could I do? He already proved Himself and now I don’t have to. He has offered Himself freely knowing my faults, and still He loves overwhelmingly.

We just have to receive it.

If you were the only person to ever live, Jesus still would have gone to the cross and He still would have died for you so you could be close to the Father. Jesus would bridge that gap for you, just for you, so He could be with you for eternity.

If you want to know what true love is, look no further than the cross and at what Jesus did for us.

I don’t know if I’ve explained myself well. I’m just in this headspace of awe and love and praise because wow, Jesus. You died. For me. Knowing me. Loving me regardless.

What Jesus did is the biggest thing, and yet we reduce it to something casual. We act nonchalant about it. I have fallen into this mindset of acting like it’s not a big deal. But it’s literally the biggest deal.

For without Jesus, I am nothing.

Sarah xx

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