The Art of Having a Workout

My legs hurt. My stomach hurts. My arms don’t hurt, but they probably will at some point. I’ve had a shower but I still feel sweaty. I’m so full of water and green tea. I should have abs by now, at least one. Give me an ab.

As you know, I like being inspired. So today I went to YouTube thinking that a dance-style workout would be my ticket because music is the only thing that gets me through exercise. Music and the thought that maybe this is the time I thank myself for putting myself through pain.

I know, I know, no pain no gain. But come on, fitness isn’t my area of passion and fun. It’s my area of aspiration, and will probably forever remain that way.

So I was YouTubing these dance workouts, and hey, I liked the warm-up exercises. Breathe in, breathe out, march on the spot. I can do that! This will be easy!

It wasn’t.

And yet I subscribed to some YouTube channels, hoping that by receiving notifications about people doing workouts and smiling at the same time whilst their hair doesn’t fall out of place (how do they do that, anyway?) will motivate me to continue. (Seriously, how can they smile the whole time. Aren’t their tight-abs burning? Aren’t their calves screaming for a lounge?)

I probably only did half an hour all up, in between breaks of scrolling through and flicking to a new video. Not a bad effort, if I do say so myself. I think the mistake was in telling myself I didn’t need the ‘beginners’ video. Apparently hip-hop workouts for experienced fit people aren’t my thing. Who knew?

Anyway, there isn’t really a point to this. But I do like trying new things. I mean, to be honest with you, I haven’t done any running in a while. But that’s because I live out of town and I don’t want to greet any snakes while I’m running to ABBA singing to me about how they’ve been cheated by you since they don’t know when. That sounds like something from a horror film.

So yes, new things are good because running is on the way out. But once it’s cooled down I’ll get back into it. Autumn is my favourite time to run, whilst I feel like a dance workout will be my spring/summer thing. In theory. We’ll see how we go. Maybe it’ll be something that happens three times but I’ll talk to people about it like I’m a professional.

I’m sure I have abs somewhere, I just have to find them.

And now, to sleep.

Sarah xx

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