The Art of Being Real

I think people should say what they mean. I think they shouldn’t be afraid to say what they mean, and I think honesty should be regarded more highly and taken more seriously.

I think that if something’s wrong there shouldn’t be a fear to make it right. I think there shouldn’t be a fear of speaking full stop.

I think that no one should feel like their voice is unimportant. No matter how young you are, no matter how new at a job you are, you should be heard. If something doesn’t sit right with you, know that you can be the first step in making a change. If someone doesn’t listen, tell someone else. Keep talking until someone hears you.

I mean this in a Godly way. We shouldn’t become destructive and we shouldn’t stop caring about other people. But we should be able to speak out when God call us to. We can’t ignore what He has put on our hearts.

There will probably be more on this tomorrow,

Sarah xx

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