The Art of Appreciating

How reassuring is it that God is in control of my life?

There isn’t always a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ path to take, simply different paths. But whatever one we take God will be there and He will constantly be in control.

Right now this is giving me comfort, because it means that even when things are bad and even when things are good I’m where I’m supposed to be. It means that I don’t have to look back and wonder what it would be like had I chosen a different path.

It means that I can go with confidence where I am called.

And I mean, the practise of this is a bit shaky, because it’s super easy in getting caught up and worrying. But right now, in theory, it’s doing its job of comforting me.

I am constantly being reminded that the Christian walk was never meant to be easy, simply that we would have a peace and a hope regardless of our situation.

I like that. I’m beginning to see the fruit of that. And I’m beginning to appreciate (though ‘appreciate’ is probably too strong a term) the sorrows that call us to rely on the peace and hope that God offers.

I’m also really appreciating the potato gems I just ate. Good times, campers, good times. (I’m also considering wearing overalls tomorrow if it’s not too cold, so things are looking up am I right am I right.)

Sarah xx

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