The Art of Dreaming

The dreams that we have for our lives definitely have a place. They motivate and inspire and give us incentive. They let us believe in ourselves or in something bigger than ourselves. They give us a direction and let us think out of the box and out of the ordinary. Dreams are outside of our routine.

If you could do anything in the world without restriction, what would it be?

But if fear stops us, where do dreams fit in the scheme of our lives? If we are constantly shutting ourselves down before we have a chance to fly, if we let ourselves fall short of our dream, what then?

I think there’s a loss in doing nothing because you think that’s all you can do. I think it’s there’s a loss in being scared of success or change or bigger things than ourselves. If we let ourselves dream, shouldn’t we be expected to fight for it? You can do it scared. But don’t do nothing because you’re scared.

We can’t expect our dream to walk up to us and tell us it wants us. We have to follow our dream and tell it what we’re doing.

I also think that sometimes we have to let dreams go. And it’s okay to mourn dreams that have escaped possibility. But remember to pick yourself up and live the new dream. Don’t get so caught up in an old dream that a new one passes you by.

But remember not to get so caught up in a dream that you forget to live the everyday. Because the everyday can be a dream, too. And the everyday can be pretty wonderful.

Sarah xx

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