The Art of Spiralling

For me the problem usually comes, not from saying too much, but from not saying enough.

I think about all the things I could say and I think about all the things I should’ve said. I go over conversations and think about possible outcomes that didn’t happen.

I’ve gotten better; I dwell less and say more. I’m braver.

But it’s hard to let go of the ‘what ifs’. What if I had done this instead of this. How different would things be now?

Try not to look back on things like this. Thinking about how things could have been generally doesn’t help anyone. Don’t enter the land of ‘what if’. Once you start it’s easy to spiral. It’s easy to get lost in the land of what-if. It makes living more difficult. It adds an extra layer of ‘meh’ into your everyday attitude and actions.

If we’re constantly thinking about what could happen or what should’ve happened, where do we leave time to live our real lives? Where does our joy in the present go?

It can seem appealing to live in this kind of unreality, but it doesn’t end up impacting us positively.

Just a thought to munch on, campers,

Sarah xx

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