The Art of Changing the Small Things

I like change. Change is good.

Well, I don’t like it when it’s inconvenient. Or when I don’t approve. Or when I haven’t had much warning. Or when I haven’t been part of the process. Or when someone makes assumptions about it. Or when it’s at a bad time.

But I like change. Change is good. (ha.)

Okay, so I like change if it follows my rules.

I started off this blog post not how I was expecting. Now you know more things about me than I planned on sharing, but I figure I’ll keep it there because I can’t be the only one who doesn’t always appreciate change, right?

The point of this blog was to share small changes that I do like.

I like changing my doona cover every now and then, just to shake things up. I like changing the things on my wall so it’s not just the same-old. I like these small changes (not just because they stay in the above rules) but because they’re things I can do to make my environment my own (this is beginning to make me sound very controlling, and that’s not something I like portraying in my blog, no matter how true it is *nervous and awkward laughter*)

Sharing a room with two other people is something I like (though it’s one of the things I struggle with the most) and it has definite happy-points. But because there’s three people in this room and we all have cupboards and bedside tables and beds and we all have our own little corner, you can’t just rearrange stuff when you want to.

I used to really enjoy rearranging my room to how I wanted it. I liked that sort of change, I liked having something fresh and new and there’s always something kind of hopeful about fresh and new, don’t you think? Maybe that’s why I like spring so much.

Anyway. Now I have a little corner of space and there’s no other way of putting the furniture in this room, because it all only just fits and there’s an awkward fireplace in the corner and there’s awkward balcony doors (which are actually lovely, it just means we have a whole wall where we can’t put much at all) and there’s an awkward sink (I think that’s what I’ve unknowingly called it. In my mind, all I see is the awkward sink. There’s no other way of describing it other than dusty. Look at me here, getting all off-track. Where was I going with all of this!?)

Ah yes.

So there’s no way of rearranging which means I have a lack of fresh-starts which means I like at least these small things that I can change that don’t impact the rest of the room. Controlling? Possibly. Nice? Yes.

Change isn’t always great. I recognise that. But maybe one day I’ll begin to take away my rules 😉

Sarah xx

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