The Art of Moving

We are all made up of stories.

What happened to us when we were eight, twelve, twenty. What happened last month, last night.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. We keep moving and how we keep moving is what shapes us.

I was looking at the window of a fast-moving car, and the sky was dark and the streetlights were bright and there were so many other cars around us and they all held people with stories. Stories that no one else might ever know. Stories that tons of people might know. And their lives might not be great or their lives might be fantastic, but no matter how their life is they had to keep driving. Time didn’t stop for them.

No matter what’s happening, time will always move forward. You can waste time all you like. But you can’t get it back. We are always moving forward and time is always moving forward and we can’t stop it and we can’t get it back and we can’t slow it down and we can’t backtrack or fast-forward a day just because it sucked.

We can’t pause. Each moment is gone. Gone. Gone. Sometimes we are happy wasting time and sometimes we aren’t. Even though a moment may not be memorable it has still shaped us. That time I wasted is now a part of me and I can’t take it back. Everything I’ve done in my life, everything I’ve seen, it’s all been a part of me.

And that’s slightly scary because don’t we all make mistakes? We look back and we think we were young of course we did, but maybe in ten years I’ll look back to being twenty and think, well I was young so of course I made mistakes, but right now I’m not young I’m me and I’m the oldest I’ve ever been.

I don’t really know what my brain is thinking.

Sarah xx


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