The Art of Illuminating

I went to the beach last night, and it was lovely.

Something that caught my attention was when we lit a fire.

We had this tiny little fire going, and whilst I usually love watching the actual fire, my eyes were drawn to the sand surround the fire. The flames were moving, as they do, and each time they did different parts of the sand would light up. Because sand isn’t flat, there are little indents in the sand. As the flames would move, some of these little coves would light up and others wouldn’t, depending on the height of the flame and the depth of the cove.

It was just an amazing visual to what God’s been doing.

Darkness can’t extinguish light. What is in the darkness will always be exposed with light. Some darkness will need more light because the coves are deeper and there’s more darkness to extinguish.

Without the fire, it was hard to see. We had to stop playing volleyball as the sun disappeared because we couldn’t see what was going on. When we packed up and left, we had to use torches to make sure we weren’t leaving anything behind.

Light is so crucial. We need it. When there’s a blackout, you need torches and candles to keep going. What can you do in darkness? We need light.

I used to live fifteen minutes out of town, meaning we had no street lights and the houses were pretty far apart and there were hardly any cars around because we lived at the end of a dead-end street. When I used to drive home from church and park the car back at home, I always felt better walking to the front door when there was a full moon, because I could see more. When the moon was slight, there was always a part of me slightly afraid because I couldn’t see where I was walking until I got closer to the house.

Light is so important.

Sarah xx

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