The Art of Springing

Campers, it’s finally spring! Spring is here! Are we all as keen as I am?

It’s always really satisfying having the start of the month, because I keep word documents of all my blog posts per month. Which means I’m starting a new word document, so the possibilities are endless. I can fill these pages with anything I want.

Mostly satisfying, a little terrifying. Because to me, having ‘endless possibilities’, regardless of what it is you’re referring to, is terrifying. It’s freeing and exciting and you feel a little empowered, but in general, having endless possibilities is a little scary. Because you have the power to make a decision and choose something.

What’s been my encouragement is that God will be with me wherever I go. (I don’t think I’m talking about blog posts anymore, campers.) Any decision that I’ll ever make will always have God in it. I can see that even in small decisions I’ve made in the past.

You know, choosing what subjects to do at school. Choosing to prioritise this in your life rather than that. Choosing to get up earlier or choosing to sleep in. God’s going to be in it all whether or not you’ve planned Him to be.

It reassures me that no matter what happens, God will be there and He’ll turn everything to good. How thankful I am that I’m not in control of my life! (I try to be hah but ultimately He is.)

I’ve just been picking the grass of my jumper, because I’ve spent part of this morning lying on the grass in the sun with some friends. I was going to study this morning, but upon going downstairs I was roped into eating breakfast (eggs and toast! Winner winner chicken dinner, baby) and lying in the sun. God would have been with me regardless. But looking back at this morning, I’m glad I chose to spend that time with those people in the sun.

God will be in every decision. He’s not going to leave you for anything.

Welcome to Spring. Get excited 😉

Sarah xx

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